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Devon thatcher
Water Reed Thatching
The most durable thatching material is water reed (Phragmites Australis) which can last up to 30 years.
This reed is naturally waterproof. This is not a waterlogged plant, soggy and bloated with water.
In fact inside of a natural water reed is hollow.
Thatch Roofing Devon
  "Water reed is one of the most durable thatching materials available, it can last up to 30 years when
properly maintained."
Water Reed Thatching Services
With water reed thatching, water is kept out by the tight overlapping of cells of the plants out alone is.
Our ridge work options and services include:
Thatch Roofing Devon The most durable thatching material
Thatcher Devon Lasting up to 30 years if properly maintained
Thatchers Devon Turkish water reed, suited to the Devon climate
Thatching Devon Water reed typically won't absorb more than 2 inches of water.
If you bundle enough of these watershed implants together, water simply cannot penetrate. Moisture typically does not absorb into the thatch bundles more than 1 to 2 inches.

The most durable thatching material is water reed which can last up to 30 years Paul Cook uses mainly Turkish water reed.

Why Turkish reeds? Turkey has still not progressed to the point of destroying its waterways with excessive farm fertilisers. Turkish read is also particularly well suited to the Devon climate.

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